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Its been along time since we left you without a dope beat to step to…

Our apologies for dropping off the radar here. Melissa and I have both been a little overwhelmed with the going ons of our everyday lives. So here is a little ditty about what has been going on. Last weekend Melissa turned the BIG 3-0!  Unbeknownst to her, her husband, childhood best friend, parents and myself threw her a surprise party. Not only did we manage to pull it off, we pulled it off in the middle of a blizzard. Just a testament to the person Melissa is for all those people to brave the weather to come celebrate!!! There aren’t a lot of pics from the evening, as most of us were fully engaged in some hardcore celebration. So today i wanted to share some of the festivities with you, including a video of her being surprised (you can tell when she finally sees me at the end and lets out an extra shriek).

Big shout out to Melissa’s mom and sister for the sweet pics and vid.

mel & jorge

Mel 2


I have had the same hair cut since college, long layers. It’s easy, it flatters my round face, and I can pull it into a pony tail when I don’t want to make it look pretty. In the past month I have been obsessed with the idea of chopping it all off. Well I finally did it, and I love my new hair! It is shoulder length, so not too drastic. The best part is that it feels so healthy! I guess that is what happens when you cut off 6 in of hair… Apparently mid length hair is the thing for fall, because I cannot stop seeing celebs and bloggers with a similar do, who knew? Here is some short-ish hair inspiration for those of you who don’t want anything too drastic, but are ready for a change.

ScreenHunter_178 Oct. 06 21.43


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This picture I took near my new apt. We wisely decided to move a week and a half after we got back from our wedding. I really just love this city.


It is that time of year, time to collectively gather in friends living rooms, drink wine and watch Hocus Pocus. This is typically followed with some solid Googing of where are they now.

October 17th. Can’t wait!

This piece on Emma Watson

Loving these boots, but probs can only afford these (still a win!)

I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mittey this past weekend and it reignited my desire to run away to Iceland.

I will make one concession for summer going away, Ramen eating season! And i am pumped to make this recipe.

Adam Levine and Jimmy Fallon. Gold!

South Carolina fans can appreciate this (2:30 mark).


Hey all! We took quite the hiatus, but we are back and PROMISE to post more regularly. It has been a crazy spring/summer for the both of us. First and foremost, Jessica got married in May! The festivities were in the beautiful Dominican Republic, Puna Cana. Here are two of my favorite pictures of us from the weekend. Please excuse my blood shot eyes, I bawled. Like a baby.

Mel and JessShe looked absolutely stunning, and it was such a wonderful celebration!

photo (3)

On top of the wedding madness, both of us started new positions at work. Great for us, bad for the blog. But we are back and inspired!

Today I am going to share my wish list of items to spruce up my work wardrobe (I’ll just go ahead and take one of everything at Banana Republic).

You know, us girls have our exercise clothes, work clothes, play clothes, hanging out clothes, walking around town clothes, going out clothes…..

fall wish list




When it comes to exercise and working out Melissa and I couldn’t be more opposite. She loves to exercise, while I on the other hand am more a lover of sitting on my couch in my fat pants. As I get older I realize the need to live a more active lifestyle not only for the fit of my clothes, but my overall long-term health. I never thought I would ever say those words, but alas I beyond the decade of life where immediate gratification or bust. In an effort to get my self to be more active I have been in search of things to inspire me to do so.

1. Get a workout buddy. Because not everyone can afford a personal trainer-however they are the greatest motivator i have come to experience it isn’t always financially feasible. This person ideally is more motivated than you to exercise and go to gym classes. Having someone who is more enthusiastic about exercise that you respect is a huge motivator!

2. Join a somewhat expensive gym. I realize this isn’t for everyone, but I find little things more disturbing than wasting my hard-earned $$. So if I am shucking out loads of cash for something, you better believe I am going to use it. It is like those expensive shoes you purchase with the pay per wear justification-wear it into the ground.

3. Recently I have been stumbling upon fitness literature-not looking for this stuff, promise. I recently read this article that lit the smallest, faintest flame under me. There are some instantly noticeable benefits stated; exercise does help my overall mood and if I find that I stressed or experiencing anxiety it provides instant relief.

4. Get some cute work out clothes, and no I don’t mean yoga pants you wear everywhere except to yoga class. I have been wanting a Nike Fuelband for a while. Sometimes my motivators only work for short periods of time (6 months or so), then I have to find the next round of things to get me up and moving. I know myself well enough to know that I would compete with myself on a day-to-day basis with one of these bad boys.

getting in shape

Old Navy hoodie // Nike Fuelband // Salomon running shoes // Nike headband // Old Navy compression capris // REI gym bag

Got any great workout motivators? We would love to hear them.




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