As I rapidly approach my 29th Birthday, I have been increasingly concerned with my make-up routine – or lack there of.  Sometimes I wash my face and apply moisturizer, sometimes I use a make-up wipe, sometimes I use eye cream – NO CONSISTENCY. I also think I can still get away with having nothing on my face. I am very lucky to have very good skin, but who knows how long that will last.

On a recent girls trip I decided to splurge on some make up and skin care products. I even got a make over to help me with my professional working women look. I have been using the products below for a week (with a mix of my other favorites – see below) and let me tell you, I already see a HUGE difference. And I have been getting some great feedback from friends and co-workers on my new look.

Make up and skin care

//Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick//Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream//Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Eyes//It’s Potent – Eye Cream Benefit//Vichy – Lift Activ Nuit//Smashbox jet set waterproof gel eyeliner//

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (Nude vinyl)- When I first tried this on I didn’t like it. I felt like a little kid playing with her mom’s lipstick. This is because I never wear any color on my lips, so it felt a little hesitant. The more I wore it, the more I liked it. When random people in the store started commenting that they liked it, I decided it was time to pull the trigger and buy. It really does last through food/drinks and it is not an overpowering color. I am a fan.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream – Until very recently I had never used a foundation or any thing on my face. I have freckles and pretty even skin so I didn’t really feel it was necessary. Sometimes I will wear tinted moisturizer, but I found that it was making me break out. Now that I have been consistently taking better care of my skin I can say this BB cream works wonders. However, I am still not sold on the color. I may need to buy one shade darker and mix them together (oh the woes of being a half Filipino and half white). Overall I am happy with the smooth finish. 

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream EyesProbably my favorite product out of the bunch. Really makes such a difference and super easy application. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for good coverage.

It’s Potent – Eye Cream Benefit –  Great eye cream that isn’t too greasy. I will definitely have to buy the full size once this trial runs out.

Smashbox jet set waterproof gel eyeliner – I have the mac version of the gel eyeliner, but still get the little smudges in the outer eye crevasses. I was hesitant with this being waterproof = a pain to get off. But I have been very happy with it. It stay all day, no smudging.

Vichy – Lift Activ Nuit – I first tried the Vichy line when I was subscribed to Birchbox and I have been hooked ever since. A super affordable skin care line with great feeling moisturizers. I don’t know if it is working, but my face feels lovely after wearing. So that alone will keep me wearing it.

Few other products I picked up.

I really hit the jack pot on my trip to Ulta because I am obsessed with everything I got. This toner is perfect. It was exactly what I was missing from my skin care routine. The mascara, now I know why some people refuse to buy drug store mascara – so worth it.

 ScreenHunter_165 Jan. 29 09.56

Purete Thermale Hydra-Perfecting Toner

ScreenHunter_165 Jan. 29 10.00

Smashbox Photo Op Eye Brightening Mascara

All opinions and recommendations are my own.


It seems as though a lot of friends are either pregnant these days or just recently have had a baby. If they weren’t scattered all over the east coast I would think it was something in the water. Because of most of my friends seem to have their baby registries completed before they reach their third trimester, I started thinking outside of the box for gift ideas. A couple of years ago, my fiancé and I went to Ireland, while there one of his best friends and his wife had their first child. While there we took the opportunity to find something unique to the parents and from us to commemorate the birth of their first child. Since the father is of Irish decent, we got a nice bottle of Jameson at the distillery which had the new baby’s name engraved on the bottle. While, he can’t exactly use the gift at the moment, or for the foreseeable future, it is something nice he can look forward to once he is older. So on that note,  I have put together some great gift ideas for both the future moms and babies.

baby gift ideas

1. Hatch-to-Hospital box // 2. Little Darling monkey // 3. Tutu // 4. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee // 5. Bowtie bib


Something that my wardrobe has been missing lately is a solid, go-to black blazer. In the past i have gravitated to a boyfriend cut, but I feel it is high time that I invest in something a little more structured. The great thing about a black blazer is that they can be found pretty much anywhere and at any price. Personally, I am looking to find an investment piece to use for many years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some great staples for less than $50. I have put together some blazers I am loving as of late at various price points for you!

black blazer

SAVE: one, two, three:

SPLURGE: one, two, three:

INVEST: one, two, three:


Good Friday Morning! In the past we have share our favorite color combinations like navy & nude, tangerine & cobalt, and mint & pink. Today I am going to add pink & grey to our color combo loves. With winter a few months away, everyone starts to look a little monochromatic (lots of black and grey everywhere). So today I am proposing a little pink to switch it up a little bit, and add some hue into the bleakness of winter. Here are some great grey and pink options to lighten up any winter heavy wardrobe and help you transition into fall!

pink and grey

:one, two, three, four, five, six,  seven, eight, nine:

Happy Friday!


During lunch on Friday I stopped into Loehmann’s with the purpose of getting a couple new pair of tights. While this isn’t my most ideal purchase, especially this time of year, (I need some none tights weather) the ones I currently own are starting to look a little haggard. If you follow us on Instagram, you know my quest for tights was a failure, but I did walk out with a sweet pair of Joie boots that were next to nothing. So I have put together a couple of outfit inspirations for when the weather warms just a tad so my toes don’t freeze off. I must say I am pretty excited!

joie Ramone booties

Casual Friday

Top Shop top $76 // Sabine maxi skirt $59 // Joie Ramone booties


Michael Kors watch $225 // Kenneth Cole bangles $48 // Marc Jacobs handbag $387

Sunday Brunch

Joie lace top $95 // Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans $206 // Rag and Bone leather jacket $1,186 (or this one for a fraction of that price) // Joie Booties

Happy Monday!signature

scarf and sweater(Source: Pinterest)

1. If you see me today, I am attempting the above look. I plan on using number 7 to hopefully not look like a complete fool. Wish me luck!

2. Happy Texas Independence Day Eve!

3. Cup of Jo did a post on renting a home vs. getting a hotel when on vacation. I have never thought about doing this domestically, but have friends who have done it internationally. Have you ever rented a home, if so where?

4. Now that the Oscars are over and people have piped down…I would like to bring Jennifer Lawrence back to the discussion and how freakin’ awesome she is.  Erin Gates, I share your sentiments.

5. Sarah from Note to Self bequeathed some solid advice on your own personal brand/branding. It is worth reading a couple of times.

6. This is quite possibly the most chic woman of present day. There are no words, I just hang my head in shame. I. Want. To. Be. You….and have all your clothes.

7. Love this video tutorial on how to tie a scarf. Most tutorials always seem to be missing at least one step, or perhaps I am just missing something. Every time I wear a scarf I seem to miss the look just a smidgen.

Happy Weekend!



Despite the inclement weather heading our way, NYC is bustling with the start of New York Fashion Week’s Autumn/Winter 2013 shows. Many will try; few will succeed at procuring a ticket to attend a show.  However, some designers have started to cater to those who want to get some front row action, but because of varying reasons just can’t attend a show. Starting today through February 14th you can visit this site to catch a live stream of select designers’ shows…. Do it!

P.S. This image is from when I attended the Charlotte Ronson Spring/Summer 2013





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