Various and Sundry Things: 5 Organization Tips

So I had a completely different post for today, but was inspired and decided to run with it.  I don’t know if it is because it is a new year, but I have been OBSESSED with getting organized. I have a ridiculous amount of stuff that I have never taken the time to really go through. Like why do I still have flash cards I made in college? Or binders of old jobs that have nothing to do with my current role? I will say it was a good trip down memory lane sorting through old t-shirts and trinkets – but seriously do I need 100 shot glasses from every place I have ever visited?! Um no.

My approach to organization is that everything should have its place. I like things put away and I hate clutter. We live in a small space in DC and can’t really avoid clutter. But I do believe there is a BIG difference in clutter vs organized clutter. I do take pride in having organized clutter and feel that I should share a few on my quick list on how to get organized.

organization tips



1) Keep one SMALL drawer or box for memorabilia. This past weekend I was at my parent’s house going through childhood things. I came across tons of trophies from rec league sports I played in elementary school. Out of the pile I decided to keep two, that I may one day decide to get rid of, but there were two that were from great memories. Some items are just that, great memories, so don’t feel like you have to purge of everything at once. Being and staying organized is an evolving process.

2) If you haven’t worn it in a year you probably aren’t going to ever wear it again. I have a hard time parting with clothes. But holding onto short skirts I had in college or ANYTHING from high school is ridiculous. Unless it is a classic piece that never goes out of style. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t buying that type of clothing in HS. Donate and give away old clothes or things you don’t need. Your give a ways may be someone else’s treasure.

3) Invest in an external hard drive. My computer crashed this year, and luckily I had been pretty on top of saving files and pictures. I invested  and got an easy peasy external hard drive that fits 1T full of whatever I want it to. In my effort to be paperless, I can save and scan account information or bills that I have would have normally kept in paper form.

4) Shop for fun organizational tools that will make you want to stay organized. The Container Store, Target, Ikea, and Poppin all have fun bins, trays, and organizational materials that will help keep your ascetic and style. We are so lucky that organizing no longer means clear plastic bins. I mean come on how fun would it be to have ALL PINK office supplies or seagrass baskets?!

5) Set goals and plans. I am super type A,  love lists, and I work much better when I have specific goals in mind. Sometimes getting organized makes a ginormous mess! I pull everything out, put it into piles of keep, toss, and give away. To not overwhelm yourself, only tackle one area/closet at a time. Make sure to give yourself enough time to get through each project. To make it more enjoyable I pull up Netflix or listen to music.

Do you have any great organizational tips? Please share!



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