Various and Sundry Things: The Falling Man


Yesterday Melissa sent the above image and commented on the serenity it conveys in a moment of complete chaos and despair. It reminded me of the very poignant documentary, The Falling Man, which examines the images that emerged from that tragic day, specifically the above image. The documentary which can be found on Netflix is exceptionally well done, examining the moments around that photo as well as the cultural effects felt by family members of those who perished.

At the time of the attacks I was a senior in high school in Charleston, South Carolina; however, we all felt the effects of that day. Fast forward to my first job in NYC, my office building was next to Ground Zero, we could look out of our conference rooms straight down into what had become the start of a construction zone. I always found it to be such a juxtaposition to have to walk past that site to get a sandwich for lunch. However, that experience in itself defines this city and this country; we will always remember that day with solace and respect, but failing to live our daily lives in itself allows the evil that caused that day to win. And we are all really bad at losing.


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