Feed Me: Homemade Tomato Sauce

Happy Friday! Today I am sharing with you my first attempt EVER at making homemade tomato sauce, however it should not be confused with this recipe. I usually buy tomato sauce, tomato paste, and then add all the seasonings/add ins. However, this recipe IS the sauce you buy to add in all the extras. I didn’t take too many pictures because I was making a MESS! There was tomato juice everywhere!

Luckily the overall product turned out delicious! It is a great simple sauce that can be taken in so many different ways. If you are a pro at making your own sauce/mariana I would loooovvvee to hear your tips!


6 Large tomatoes (I used Beef Eater)

1 Small Onion

Garlic (5-6 Cloves)

Italian Season

1 Tablespoon of Sugar



Olive Oil

*options Basil

Delicious, beautiful tomatoes from Eastern Market.


Boil a large pot of water and add tomatoes until the skin looks like it will peel off. A minute worked fine for me. Place tomatoes in a bowl of cold water and let it sit until it is cool enough to peel the skin. Cut up the onion and sauté it with garlic until it become translucent. (In the end I used my stick blender to make it all smooth…like I did here and here).

I do not have a picture of the next part, because it was when I was making a MESS! I peeled all the skin off and cut each tomato into quarters. I removed as many of the seeds as I could, and added the tomatoes to the pot with the onions and garlic. Then I added a few shakes of salt, pepper, italian seasoning, and sugar. I  brought it to a soft boil and then let it simmer for awhile.

I used the stick blender to make it nice and smooth, a regular blender would work fine too. Voila!


  1. I love making tomato sauce because you can add in anything you’d like (peppers, cheese, corn, carrots, chilli flakes, herbs…) and leave it as chunky or smooth as you want. And then you can freeze it and use it in the winter when you’re dreaming of tomato season again. Yours looks delicious! Now I just might have to make some tonight…

    • Thanks! I want to make another batch soon. I’d love to see your recipe!


  2. Melodye Davis said:

    How much does this recipe make? A quart? Two quarts?

    • I think it made about a quart. I wasn’t very good at measuring. Enjoy!

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