Various and Sundry Things: DIY Art

I am in charge of our upcoming office move, and part of the challenge is turning our new space into a hip, creative space (I work for an AWESOME start up in the Social Business Intelligence realm). I have some very creative and artistic co-workers, so what’s more fun than creating our own art work to go in the new space?! We painted three 48 X 36 canvasses all with black and white themes. It was a lot of work, but tons of fun!

Painting #1:

We used different lengths of tape to cover part of the canvass.

We ran out of tape…hence the darker color on the right.

After putting all the tape down, we painted the whole canvass black. Before it dried we slowly took off each tape strand.

Final Product!

Painting #2:

This painting took a lot of planning because wanted to make sure all of the lines matched up. We love chevron though, so it was worth it!

Once all the tape was down we painted the canvass black, and then peeled the tape away. Be careful it may hurt your eyes to stare too long!

Painting #3:

This one was the most fun to make. We decided to splatter the canvass with black and white paint. It came out AMAZING! My husband said I can do one for our house, which I am super excited about.


  1. mixmakegrow said:

    These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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